One of the most effective steps taken by the European Union to fight the spread of the pandemic and chart a course back to normality was to launch the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which serves as a COVID passport for European citizens and residents.

Member countries have implemented the COVID Passport in order to ensure the lowest level of restrictions to daily activities.

The COVID passport is commonly referred to as the green pass. In practice it’s the document that shows the holder has been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 and it works as “green light stop” to access to restaurants, movie theaters, museums, and many other places otherwise restricted due to Covid pandemic regulations.

As vaccination protocols have changed to keep pace with emerging medical standards, the green pass was split into two different types: a basic green pass, available to vaccinated people, those who have recovered from COVID and those who have tested negative with an antigen test within the past 48 hours; and a super, or reinforced, green pass, which is only available to those who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID within the past six months.

The enforcement of green pass policies across the EU has been quite a challenge for international tourists and travelers, due to differences in vaccination systems throughout the world, and due to the lack of a worldwide, universal certification system.

Without a valid green pass or super green pass in Italy, certain restrictions apply to daily activities such as dining indoors at a restaurant or visiting a museum.

The restrictions can vary across different EU Member States because they depend on the specific epidemiological situation in that country, as well as political decisions made by individual governments.

The EU has started a process for recognizing COVID vaccination certificates issued abroad, but this process is still far from ensuring that most travelers have the same rights as European citizens. The EU digital system currently isn’t connected with countries such as Canada an United States.

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