The changes to the immigration regulations in Italy made during the last year mainly concern the phenomenon of refugees and illegal immigrants.

The procedures for obtaining a visa or a residence permit in Italy for work, study, family reasons and elective residence, remain unchanged.

In the last year there have been some significant interventions in the field of security and immigration, known as the Salvini decree or security decree.

The part concerning immigration has substantially reduced the possibility of asking for political asylum for refugees in an attempt to discourage the arrival in Italy

In the first place, the revocation of the status of international protection is envisaged in the case in which crimes are committed and immediate expulsion to the first degree sentencing house is envisaged

The humanitarian residence permit was eliminated, which had a duration of 2 years and allowed to enjoy full rights and access to work, and replaced by a series of special permits of 1 year, which can be granted for reasons of health, social protection, natural disaster in the country of origin.

The term of possible stay at the detention centers for repatriation from 90 to 180 days is increased and the widespread reception system managed by the Municipalities called SPRAR is weakened, and which is now reserved only for the reception of unaccompanied minors.

There is the possibility of refusing the application for citizenship by marriage and the possibility of revoking the citizenship already granted in the case of certain criminal convictions.


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