We offer a full range of services in the Italian jurisdiction in a wide variety of practice areas, including inheritance, immigration, property, commercial, contracts, and entertainment law. We also offer comprehensive services in litigation, business legal consulting, accounting, notarial and administrative procedures.


Custom policies and international transactions advisor

  • Custom taxation and regulation
  • Import/export business management

 Tobacco and gambling industry advisor

  • Licensing and regulation
  • Legal assessment on monopoly controlled business


  • Procedures for asserting inheritance rights
  • Inheritance litigation
  • Real estate and assets research
  • Inheritance acceptance (notarization through Italian Consulate in Seattle or notary public in Italy)


  • Visas and stay permit applications and procedures
  • Administrative and judicial litigation in the event of illegitimate application denial


  • Real estate law and transactions, including land, apartment buildings (condomini), commercial and residential property


  • Legal assistance and consulting in management of business transactions and affairs
  • Setting up companies/businesses in Italy and legal consulting regarding the inherent tax and financial matters involved


  • Contract review, briefs and negotiation to protect the interests of the parties involved and avoid potential future legal action, hearings, and lawsuits
  • Power of attorney (notarization available at the Italian Consulate in Seattle)

Family law

  • Separation and divorce, including international cases
  • International child custody
  • Mediation


  • Consulting and management of all aspects regarding the organization, production, and distribution of theater and film productions
  • Contract review and protection of artists’ rights (economic, image, moral and copyright)

Business legal consulting

  • Complete consultation in all aspects of business, from formation to liquidation
  • Annual consulting packages available including administrative, legal and management consulting provided onsite at your business or workplace

Specific consulting for American universities and businesses in Italy:

  • Specialized experience in business consulting to US universities and companies operating in Italy, with legal assistance and consulting regarding setting up a business or opening a US university/study abroad center in Italy
  • Assistance in recognizing special fiscal status under Italian law and, for universities and educational institutions, being recognized under the Barile Law
  • Annual consulting packages available to handle all legal aspects of managing a business or university/study abroad center in Italy

Notarial services

  • Drafting, closing and notarization of any notarial act or instrument directly in English and Spanish without the need for an interpreter or translator, including: power of attorney, real estate sales and closing transactions, company incorporation procedures, mortgage and loan closing transactions, any other notarial acts provided for under Italian law


  • Legal assistance and defense in all stages of trials and courtroom proceedings, up to Italian Supreme Court, developing strategies specific to client needs while taking into consideration the particular environment and structure of the Italian courts and justice system
  • Evaluation of litigation risks, costs and alternatives (such as arbitration) when appropriate

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment

Criminal law

White Collar – Corporate Crimes in Italy

In collaboration with Enrico Grillo law firm based in Genova, Italy, we provide highly specialized legal assistance and representation regarding corporate and “white collar” crimes under Italian and international law such as:

  • Tax crimes
  • Corporate crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Crimes against public administration
  • Bankruptcy crimes
  • Intellectual property, piracy, and copyright crimes
  • Commercial crimes
  • Financial crimes

Privacy law and personal data protection

In collaboration with Marco Perilli law firm based in Rome Italy, we provide highly specialized legal assistance and representation regarding management and enforcement of new European privacy laws and regulations such as:

  • compliance and audit of corporate policies  to  Regulation(UE) 2016/679 and to Italian privacy Code, Decreto legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196
  • compliance and audit of e-commerce policies, contract and agreement to  Regulation(UE) 2016/679 and to Italian privacy Code, Decreto legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196
  • Claims, appeal and  administrative and judicial proceedings in regard of privacy matters

Administrative law and litigation

Italian property, commercial and bankruptcy database inspection, research and consulting

Accounting and tax services