Civil notaries in Italy are high-profile public officers with a limited number of positions available (mandated by the government). They are in charge of closing real estate transactions, corporate legal documents (atti) and transactions, and all other notarized acts provided for by Italian law.

The notaio firm of Massimiliano Ebner is situated at the top of one of most charming, beautiful and historical neighborhoods of Rome: the Aventino. This prestigious hilltop district is also the location of the Basilica di Santa Sabina, which contains the “secret” keyhole framing St. Peter’s Dome, as portrayed in the Oscar-winning film La Grande Bellezza.

Massimiliano Ebner received his law degree from Tor Vergata Roma 2 University in Rome in 1999. He completed his two years of legal apprenticeship (pratica required by the Italian Bar Association and the Italian Notaries association) from 1999-2001.

In 2003 he passed the Italian Bar Exam on the first attempt, at a time when approximately 80% of candidates in Rome were rejected at each exam (held annually in two parts, written and oral).

In 2006 he passed the Italian notary exam (the country’s most difficult public exam) on his first attempt, when approximately 93% of candidates were rejected.

In 2008 he obtained a Ph.D. in Civil Law from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Massimiliano has been a practicing notary since 2006, and his firm is able to draft and receive legal documents straight from/to English or Spanish without the need of an interpreter or a translators.

He also works extensively in consulting and providing legal assistance to foreign companies with business in Italy.