Alessandro Canali has been a practicing attorney  and legal professional in Rome since 2002 and  in the US since 2009, specializing in civil, administrative and international law.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • customs and international trade regulations
  • European tobacco industry regulations
  • Italian gambling industry regulations
  • U.S. study abroad programs
  • real estate law
  • commercial law
  • tax and fiscal law
  • non-profit corporations
  • entertainment law
  • inheritance law

Alessandro also works extensively in consulting and providing legal assistance to foreign companies with offices and branches in Italy and Europe, with special emphasis on American businesses and universities.

He formerly served as the deputy director of Italian Customs and Monopoly governmental  Agency (ADM) and former  chief of political secretariat of  Vice President of the Lazio regional congress. He is currently  advisor of Anti Mafia Commission at Italian the National Congress. To read more about Alessandro’s political activism with 5 Star Movement click here.

To read Alessandro’s complete resume click here.

Alessandro received his J.D. law degree from La Sapienza University in Rome in November 1998.

He completed his two years of legal apprenticeship (pratica, required by the Italian Bar Association) from 1999-2001 at the Perugini law firm in Rome.

In 2001 he passed the Italian Bar Exam on the first attempt, at a time when approximately 80% of candidates in Rome were rejected at each exam (held annually in two parts, written and oral).

Mr. Canali holds a qualification to teach the subjects of law and economics in Italian high schools and institutes of higher education. In the course of his teaching career, he conducted more than 1,000 classroom hours of lectures on various legal topics.

Mr. Canali has been licensed by the Washington State Bar Association since 2009 to practice as a foreign law consultant in Washington State, where his international law consulting firm is based.

He is a past president of Informat Education Institute, a non-profit organization recognized by the regional government of Lazio, and a past President and founding member of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest based in Seattle, Washington.

In addition, he has obtained post-degree certifications in the following discipline areas:

  • employee law and labor unions
  • information technology law
  • protection and promotion of human rights
  • Roman law
  • philosophy of law

Selected media and press:

BBC Radio 4 – October 4, 2011 – Italian courts ‘slow but fair’

The Seattle Times – December 4, 2009 – Amanda Knox faces 26-year sentence for murder

Legal and historical publications:

Il Culto del Graal ed i simboli di Bominaco (The Cult of the Holy Grail and the Symbols of Bominaco), Nuove Idee Editore

Other highlights:


teacher of the class “Environmental law of business” at Guangxi University of Finance and Economics (GXUFE), Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China


Held lecture at the Washington State Bar Association – International probation procedures and inheritance legislation under Italian law

Co-founder and president of the Seattle-based Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest


Held lecture at University of Washington School of Law regarding comparative procedural law and the Amanda Knox case

Speaker at the seminar “Global Diversity and Cultural Competency” organized by Williams-Kastner law firm in Seattle

Speaker at Seattle chapter of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) conference regarding real estate planning and inheritance in the Italian legal system

Speaker at the Educational Law Association annual convention held in Vancouver, B.C.


Provided expert legal commentary on the Amanda Knox trial, appearing on several Seattle television news programs including NBC affiliate KING 5

Held lecture at the University of Washington School of Law – Civil Law, Common Law and the Italian Judicial System

Held lectures at the Washington State Bar Association CLE – Vatican Law and the Vatican Judicial System; Common Law and Civil Law Systems and Italian Criminal Law in the Amanda Knox case


Attended the Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice at the University of Washington School of Law

Became licensed as a Foreign Law Consultant with the Washington State Bar Association, member of the International Practice Section, which permits limited legal practice in Washington State.